DOGS, pigs and rabbits are looking for their forever homes this week.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue is seeking permanent homes for eight animals in its care.

Can you help? All the details are below. 

Bournemouth Echo: LeoLeo (Image: Margaret Green)

Leo is an 18-month-old Terrier who has buckets of energy and enthusiasm for all things fun and exciting! He can become a little anxious in new situations, so he is looking for an adult family who will give him the time he needs to settle into his home, explore new places and continue his training.

Margaret Green said: "We believe he would be happy to live with another canine friend and possibly cats, as long as they have lived with dogs before."

Bournemouth Echo: BellaBella (Image: Margaret Green)

Bella is a 5-year-old Shar Pei x Staffordshire Bull Terrier who adores cuddles, and is eager to please her favourite people in turn for tasty snacks! She would love to find a family who will continue the training she has started here, and go on lots of fun walks with her.

It is believed Bella could possibly live with a male dog and teenagers, but she would be best suited to a home without cats or small furries.

Bournemouth Echo: DaisyDaisy (Image: Margaret Green)

Daisy is a playful and loving, three-year-old Bulldog who loves going out for walks and running around with her carers. Daisy also adores her food, so she is looking for new owners who will be able to manager her diet to keep her in tip top shape.

She would love to find a home with an adult family who will be happy to continue her training, and it is believed she would be at her happiest as the only pet.

To register an interest in rehoming Leo, Bella or Daisy, please contact the team at Lincoln Farm:

Bournemouth Echo: Pudding & PiePudding & Pie (Image: Margaret Green)

Pudding & Pie are an eight-year-old, bonded pair of pigs who enjoy each other’s company. Pudding is an extremely affectionate girl, but she can be a little bit bossy at times. Pie can be shy until he gets to know you, but they both enjoy a good belly scratch once comfortable!

They are looking for a home with a draught-free bedroom and a large paddock space, as their favourite hobby is landscaping.

Bournemouth Echo: Frank and SnowyFrank and Snowy (Image: Margaret Green)

Frank is a handsome, five-year-old Lop rabbit who is looking for a home with his wife, Snowy, who is a beautiful, 2-year-old Netherland Dwarf.

Margaret Green said: "We believe that Frank would benefit from finding a quiet home where he can settle and feel comfortable in his surroundings. They both love running around and exploring, so we feel they would be at their happiest in a home with plenty of space and enrichment for them to enjoy together."

Bournemouth Echo: RomeoRomeo (Image: Margaret Green)

Romeo is a gorgeous, five-year-old rabbit who is looking for a home where he will be a companion to a calm and gentle, female rabbit.

Margaret Green said: "He was quite a shy lad upon arrival, but with plenty of time and patience, he has started to come out of his shell and feel comfortable around his carers. We believe that Romeo would be best suited to a quieter home where he will feel safe and secure in his new surroundings."

To register an interest in rehoming Pudding & Pie, Frank & Snowy or Romeo, contact the team at Church Knowle: