A BLOCK of 12 flats is set to be built behind a high street after plans were approved by the council more than two years after they were submitted.

The land behind numbers 85 to 87 High Street in Poole will see the block built on what is currently used for ‘indiscriminate vehicular parking’, according to a design and access statement.

The development will front onto Lagland Street and will be next door to the Grade II listed Poole Old Town Community Centre.

The case officer’s report on the scheme found that it would integrate well into the area and with surrounding developments.

Bournemouth Echo:

It concluded: “The proposed scheme would contribute to the Council’s demand for new housing, delivering 12 additional residential units of accommodation on site, in a manner that would preserve the area’s residential character, significance of the conservation area and listed buildings, neighbouring amenity and highway safety.

“In conclusion, having recognised the collective benefits of the proposed scheme and having the tilted balance in mind, it is concluded that the scheme would achieve the economic, social and environmental objectives of sustainable development.”

The site has been subject to a number of previous approved schemes, between 1988 and 2020.

The newly approved proposals would be slightly taller than previous schemes, adding two flats, but officers found it would have a positive impact on the neighbouring listed building.

“As agreed within previously approvals for flatted developments on the site, whilst larger than the Grade II Listed Building, and therefore ‘visible as a backdrop to it, the proposed building would better reveal the heritage asset by highlighting and contrasting its simple and historic architecture with modern form’,” the case officer said.

“The proposed block, noting the modest increase in height to that previously approved, would have the same positive effect to the extant approved building.”

The building will be made up of six one-bedroom and six two-bedroom flats across five storeys.

There will be four car parking space and provision for 20 covered cycle stores for residents.