AS A long-standing Poole Town FC supporter I have become accustomed to unexpected twists and turns during visits to the BlackGold Stadium on match days.

On experience, though, that occurred during the recent game against AFC Totton, caught me with my proverbial trousers down and engendered a state of hilarity that I don’t suppose I will ever forget.

Just before the game started, I visited the toilet and to my dismay found the door was completely jammed and unable to be opened when I wished to leave.

After I was heard banging loudly on the door, two stewards arrived.

They unscrewed two hinges and removed the toilet door so that I could make my escape.

The rescue took 15 minutes and I thank the two gentlemen concerned for liberating me and ensuring that I could return to my seat in the stand and enjoy the remaining part of the game.

To view my experience in a positive light, it seems to be that at 80 years of age it is better for me to be unable to exit a toilet than be unable to enter one!

After the experience, the game itself seemed to be a bit of an anti-climax, but a 0-0 result against high-flying Totton is a definite feather in the Dolphins’ cap, bearing in mind recent performances.

Up the Dolphins.

Geoffrey Lindley

Clayford Avenue