RESIDENTS are being encouraged to make use of a community sports pitch which has cost nearly £100,000 to relay.

The all-weather pitch by Mudeford Wood Community Centre is currently being relayed to provide an improved sports ground for residents and children.

Next month, the pitch will be back open and available for use for tennis, football and netball.

But Cristina Crispim, development manager at Mudeford Wood Community Centre, says regular usage is needed to help them recover the high repair costs.

The centre is run by a trust, who took over its ownership from Christchurch Council in 2012 to save it from being transformed into flats.

The trustees have since raised enough funds to set up a pre-school at the site, which is also now used as an after school club during school holidays and half terms, and carry out improvements to the kitchen and storage room.

They have also kept the centre running through Covid lockdowns and the cost-of-living crisis.

Bournemouth Echo:

But Cristina said the latest costs for the pitch could see them face a loss of £24,000 in the coming year.

She has organised an open day to take place on Saturday, May 18, to promote the pitch to residents, children and sportsmen and women.

Cristina said: “The centre is located in spot in the centre of Mudeford and it is surrounded by a beautiful woodland walk, a field and a fishing pond.

“It’s in the middle of a residential area so not everyone knows about it.

“People are able to use it for tennis, football, netball, and it’s a lovely space with lovely surrounding areas."

Cristina wants to offer memberships for using the pitch, as well as hourly fee clubs, to offer flexibility for the community.

She plans to run taster sports sessions for children from 10.30am onwards on the morning of the open day event.

More information about pricing will also be available on this date.

Cristina said: “We want as many people to attend the opening day as possible.”