STAFF at a Bournemouth golf club have been left enraged after youngsters destroyed parts of its course in the latest spate of vandalism.

Established in 1984, The Club at Meyrick Park is a private golf course situated in Meyrick Park, a public space.

Recently, a group of teenagers have been spotted entering the golf course at night and riding on motorbikes and electric bikes across the greens, damaging the grounds.

Bournemouth Echo:

The course has been vandalised at least three times over the last ten days.

Mo Bah, the golf course Manager and resident greenkeeper, was distraught at the sight of the green., He said: “It's taking a lot of our time doing that rather than actually concentrating on what we need to do on the golf course.

“This course is my baby, I’ve been here almost nine years now and this is the worst I have seen it.

Bournemouth Echo:

“This is the start of the golfing season, we had the course ready to welcome visitors on April 1, but now because of this, we’ve had to delay that.”

Due to the vandalism, multiple greens have had to be closed off to visitors until fully repaired which could take up to a week depending on the significance of the damage."

Kate Beauchamp, general manager at the club said: “It's demoralising and it's blatant vandalism.

“We can't be the eyes out there all the time.

“We would appreciate the public if they see anything, either calling us or the police or going to say, taking photographs, just so we've got evidence because we only see the aftermath.

Bournemouth Echo:

“We've got visitors coming over and then when they see the course in bad condition because of the vandalism, it has a knock-on effect on everything. it's just really sad to see.”

A concerned frequent member at the golf club said: “They've done this quite a few times in the last two weeks. They just started coming on and destroying the course.

“It makes me so angry, the club is doing all they can to make them really nice and they've just got skid marks all over.

“I feel sorry for the green keeper because he loves this course and takes a lot of pride in keeping it presentable.”