TWO Ferndown children have appeared in a Halfords advert after tackling one of the hardest mountain bike routes in the UK. 

Noah Loftus-Boyd, 9, and Austin Loftus-Boyd, 12, from Ferndown, have both appeared in an advert for Halford's new Voodoo bikes after sent to one of the hardest mountain bike trails in the UK, Revolution Bike Park, North Wales. 

Shot in 2021, the family left at 4.30am to make the shoot which involved the use of drones and allowed the boys to become some of the youngest to ever ride on the trail due to children not allowed to ride it. 

Noah and Austin's dad, Greg Loftus-Boyd, said: "Revolutions is one of the hardest biking parks in the country so you don't get kids riding there. 

"My youngest son was riding a 20-inch bike and my oldest was riding a 24-inch bike. The youngest was about six so he was the youngest person to ever ride there."

Once filmed, Greg said the family had to stay quiet about the shoot but now has been able to share the experience. 

The boys were allowed to keep the mountain biking clothes given and were paid for the shoot which helped cover expenses.

Greg said: "It was a little bit difficult as we couldn't tell anyone about it or share any photos as the bike hadn't been launched yet but it was a really good experience.

"We weren't allowed to do anything at the time but now, because it's coming up to Noah's birthday, I'm actually going to buy him the bike."

Greg hopes he can use the bike to cycle to school, believing he is now old enough to do so, living within a mile of it. 

He said: "I thought it was a good idea as he's old enough to cycle to school and obviously they have cycle to school days and days where people come and check their bikes.

"It was an incredible experience being up there with professional riders, film crews, and drones chasing you."