A BOURNEMOUTH man is the star of his own reality TV show that is currently airing on Channel 4.

Josh Foulds, 24, was approached by the Channel 4 team via social media to star in a brand new entertainment series hosted by celebrity judges, Nick Grimshaw, Amber Rose Gill, Vicky Pattison, and Pete Wicks.

The Underdog: Josh Must Win is a show all about manipulation. Multiple influencers and beauty queens along with Josh are bundled into a house together to compete in various challenges to become the champion of the show.

Bournemouth Echo:

Speaking about the experience, Josh said: “It's really odd at first, just having cameras everywhere and living essentially with people you've never met before, but, no, it was really fun and everyone was great."

Josh is a professional boxer and is a front-of-house member at Conto Lounge in Winton.

Speaking on the support from his colleagues, Josh added: “Lee, the general manager at Conto, is ridiculously happy about it.

“He gets all giggly when he talks about it. It's still really weird seeing the show on TV.

“We finished production over a year ago and I knew it was coming up, and couldn't say anything about it.

“It is crazy that I’m getting recognised on the street and adverts playing every time put on the tv, so it's just all still a bit bizarre.

“It was just a mind-blowing experience.”

Bournemouth Echo:

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: “This mammoth new show sees a gorgeous, confident, larger-than-life cast compete in a popularity contest, which they believe is called “The Favourite”.

“However, amongst the players, there is an underdog no one is expecting.

“His name is Josh. But who is Josh and why is he so important?

“Whilst all the players (including Josh) believe they are battling it out to be the most popular and win a cash prize on The Favourite, what none of them know is that living next door is a group of celebrities, masterminding their own game of strategy, and doing everything they can to ensure that Josh. Must. Win – without blowing their cover."

The Underdog: Josh Must Win, is available to watch on Channel 4.