Traffic lights on a Bournemouth junction were left broken for weeks after a crash.

The lights on the junction of Charminster Road, Alma Road, and Richmond Park Road, Bournemouth, have been left broken for weeks after an alleged speeding driver crashed into one of the lights on March 24.

BCP Council has reported to have begun work to fix the system but local businesses have suggested the response has been too slow and that business has already been affected.

As of 3pm on Monday, April 2, the lights have now been fixed.

Assistant manager at The Richmond Arms, Chantelle Joyce, said: "We get a lot of customers coming and saying they won't drink here because they don't feel safe driving near the junction so they'll go down the road. 

"There's been a lot of near misses from what I've heard, I've been driving with my partner and we don't know if we're going to get hit from the side."

Chantelle complained that it has created an 'unsafe' crossing after attempting to with her niece. 

The business owner of Redrooms hair salon reported that following the crash debris was left on the road, only cleared on March 29 when work began.

They said: "We are a little bit shocked that they haven't put anything in place, you constantly have near misses and I think people are losing their patience and taking their chances.

"We are concerned because if something flies around the corner, it could come straight through the shop."

BCP Council have said four signal poles were taken out of action in the crash and, despite many businesses reporting that another crash occurred on April 1, BCP has been unable to confirm when it is likely to be fixed. 

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “Our contractors have been working to repair the lights as a priority, but work has been unavoidably delayed due to a wait for new parts, and the recent bad weather which meant their work with electric cables and electronics had to be paused for safety reasons.

“Because of the continuing unsettled weather, we are unable to give an exact time when the lights will be back on.”

Dorset Police have been contacted by the Echo for comment.