A POPULAR coffee shop in Canford Cliffs undergoing a relaunch under new ownership is our Trader of the Week.

The Coffee Saloon in Haven Road has been taken over by new owners who hope to 'turn things around' for the café.

Victoria and Nick Capel, from Penn Hill, are in the process of renovating the venue, hoping to transform it into a 'trendy and chill spot,' which serves 'exceptional coffee and delicious food.'

Nick said: "The café has such a lovely atmosphere, and all our customers have been amazing."

The pair are introducing an alcohol licence to the venue so customers can enjoy a cocktail or beer in the Coffee Saloon's large garden.

Nick said: "We've got a lovely back garden, which is a real nice suntrap where people love to sit.

"It's a very comfortable place to sit and chill out, and now we have an alcohol licence, so people will be able to enjoy a drink in the garden."

Nick and Victoria, from Penn Hill, have worked in the catering industry for many years. They previously owned the Burley Tea Rooms and several other businesses across Dorset.

Nick said: "We bought the Coffee Saloon from friends.

"It is a really great spot, and people come in with their dogs after walking on the beach."

He added: "I can't begin to tell you the number of dogs we have coming in here.

"We are dog people and have a really good following."

Nick and Victoria put out dog treats and water for any canine guests.

Nick said he is looking into introducing drinks for dogs called puppachinos in the future.

One of the changes made to the café is the introduction of a lunch menu.

Nick and Victoria are currently cultivating a 'light lunch' menu and the introduction of pop-up restaurants, where they will be inviting small local businesses to sell their food.

The venue is undergoing further expansion.

An awning, with outside seating for customers, is being installed outside the front of the café.

The Coffee Saloon is open seven days a week and is located at 9 Haven Road, Canford Cliffs, BH13 7LE.