BCP is lucky to have a port and an airport....but both deliver people and goods to rather strangled onwards transport challenges.

Tobias Ellwood MP’s Conurbation 2050 document upon his original election mentions the proposal for a monorail to take passengers from our international airport (which tips people out into a country lane with a dustbin lid roundabout at one end and badly sequenced traffic lights at the other ) to Blackwater Junction (a notorious accident black spot ), to our hospital there and up the central reservation of the A338 to JPMorgan, The Village Hotel , Kings Park and our Premiership football stadium and onward to our Travel Interchange where passengers could be on a train to London in 20 minutes.

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And the reverse journey would be possible of course.

How many of us have landed back home to find no buses and no taxis awaiting a redirected or late flight?

And at what cost? Taxi sharing might be risky and awkward but such inconveniences are forgotten when a half price fare is in the offing.

Gatwick’s monorail delivers millions between terminals, Venice’s monorail to Maritimo does the same, Disney has had them since the 1960s, the Docklands Driverless Light Railway......

Bournemouth councillors persuaded the Future Transport Major Infrastructure Team to produce a world wide survey of operating monorails of which there are 200, one operating in Germany since the late 1890s. Yes , some have been expensive failures, but even Springfield had one in The Simpsons and they let Homer drive it. As Jeremy Clarkson would say, “How hard can it be?”.

Cost? Well , millions. A pipe dream? Could be. But just think if we are serious and accept some of Conurbation 2050’s ‘visions’ like this one, who then would need a car ?”

Nigel Hedges

Granville Place,