Hampshire police are warning residents to keep away from grazing animals after a child was hurt by a pony in the New Forest.

On Saturday, March 30, police attended an incident after a child got too close to a pony grazing in a field.

A young girl was injured during the incident - but police have said that the girl “wasn’t seriously hurt.”

The force is now warning residents to stay away from any animals grazing in the Forest.

A spokesman said it is an offence to pet or feed ponies and donkeys.

In an appeal posted to Facebook, a spokesperson for the force said: “Yesterday a child was injured after it got too close to one of the wild ponies grazing on the New Forest.

“Luckily, she wasn’t seriously hurt but it is a timely reminder of why it’s now an offence to pet or feed ponies and donkeys.

“Forestry England Rangers have spoken to many people over recent days to share this important message.”