ANOTHER protest has been held as residents continue in their fight against the closure of a Poole Park gate.

Residents held placards and flyers as they took part in the ‘peaceful Easter protest’ on Saturday morning.

BCP Council has been blocking vehicle access to Poole Park’s entrance and exit point on Whitecliff Road and Twemlow Avenue in a trial closure since Wednesday, January 17.

The move has faced backlash from residents and elected leaders, who feel Poole Park should be ‘open to all’.

They have rallied together in a Leave Poole Park Alone Facebook group, and held a protest of more than 200 people at the site on January 20.

Saturday’s peaceful protest was their latest call for action.

Placards held by residents demanded the council keep its 'hands off the park', and to 'fix the potholes, not block the road'.