On Saturday the 16th of March, local Dorset dance school Dorchester ballet and dance club performed their show “The Shattered Spectrum” at the Weymouth Pavilion. It featured over 150 students performing a total of 43 dances. With a bewitching story of a spell cast by a mischievous magic teacher gone wrong draining all colour from the world, the academy’s principle must find all the colours of the rainbow and bring them back to the magic hat.

Showcasing a wide range of dance styles, the shattered spectrum was “a captivating and wonderful” show. Exhibiting tap, ballet, modern, jazz, street dance and contemporary dance, there was no doubt something for everyone.

Since the dance club exhibits such a large-scale show only once every two years, it is an anticipated event for all members. Preparations for this show have been underway for a whole year. From brainstorming ideas and writing the story, to allocating classes before any of the visual work could even begin, teachers sourced music and took to choreographing the collective 43 dances for their students starting in September. A total of 404 costumes were made by hand by volunteers who devote their time to the dance club. Each dance also had meticulously chosen lighting, costumes and choreography to help bring the story to life.

Senior dancer, Amelie Richardson, described the experience of performing the show at the Weymouth Pavilion as “amazing” and “always special when you finally get to perform the dances you’ve worked so hard on.” Show day is an especially long one for teachers and students but is, in Amelie’s opinion, “100% worth it.” Performing in front of hundreds is no easy feat, yet the students of Dorchester ballet and dance make it look easy.

For 11 senior students the shattered spectrum was their last show with Dorchester ballet and dance club as they wave goodbye and move forward to young adulthood. Many seniors, having danced with the club for over 15 years, completed their final performance with a group dance featuring a solo for each dancer in a style of their choice. Senior student Amelie Richardson commented “It was sad-being our last ever dance all together-but it felt like a proper goodbye.”