THE increased flights from Bournemouth Airport due to the announcement from Jet2 is fantastic news for the airport and potential employment.

However, the current public transport options from Bournemouth Town Centre to Bournemouth International Airport are totally inadequate.

Taxis are the only viable option for some people at £20 from Bournemouth town centre to the airport.

Currently, just two buses (MoreBus 737) at 5:50am and 6:35am access the Airport from Bournemouth centre.

These limited public transport options means many people are forced to use private vehicles to access the airport. This has obvious environmental and congestion impact for the area of Hurn.

Parking charges at £5 for 10 minutes known as the ‘kiss & wave’ charge.

This although now a UK wide airport charge the difference is with the exception of Bournemouth Airport that all UK airports are serviced by an extensive network of public transport links and low cost providers such as National Express, MegaBus. These transport links available to other UK airports provide real reduced impact on the environment.

My concern is not with the environmental impact of the increased flights themselves.

My concern is the infrastructure links getting people to these extra flights from urban areas of Bournemouth town and beyond.

Christopher J Woodroffe