I VISITED Bournemouth, having lived in what was a fabulous town, over 30 years ago, and was deeply saddened by the decrepit state of the centre's shops and scruffy surrounding areas.

The town appeared awash with drunken homeless people, congregating on Westover road and lying in shop doorways.

One drunken/drugged up individual (at 9.30am) entered the shop I was in, where the sole young female employee had to endeavour to remove merchandise that he was about to steal, from him and encourage him to leave the store.

This was intimidating for her and for myself, the only customer.

The main draw of Bournemouth, is its beautiful beach and attractive, well maintained Winter Gardens, but this is where the love seems to stop.

Boarded up shops, a faded theatre and prominent roads dug up, eg. Westover Road, do nothing to enhance the town's appeal.

If I had been visiting for the first time, it would have sadly, been the last.

Please Bournemouth...Stop the rot... Turn it around, and become the beautiful, thriving town you once were.

Yours disappointedly.

Jane Kimberlin

Sherwood Place,