WHEN I venture abroad wherever possible I fly from Bournemouth Airport or as I call it Hurn.

Getting to and flying from Gatwick or Heathrow becomes even more tedious so the local option becomes more attractive.

The announcement by Jet2 that they will be flying 27 flights from Bournemouth starting next year is great news but I have concerns as to how the airport will be able to handle this big increase in passengers at the check in and more significantly at the airport security set up.

Security checks pre flight are of the utmost importance but from my experience of flying from Hurn with even the current levels of passengers there are always delays and queues which are the result of inadequate facilities to handle the numbers of passengers to be security checked and it is even worse if there are two or more flights going out close to each other.

One positive from flying from the London airports is the massive improvements that have been made in the time it now takes to go through security and I would suggest and recommend Bournemouth to look into how it can speed up the check particularly with the big increase in flights next year coupled with the consequences of the statement made by Steve Heapy the chief executive of Jet2 that there could be even more to follow.

I shall continue to use Hurn wherever possible and hope the management will be able to cope with the increase in passenger numbers.

Alan Burden

Catalina Drive,