A FOOTBALL team has had its lawn mower stolen while they were nearby and said it will cost them 'thousands'.

Poole Borough FC have appealed to people to help find their lawn mower after it was stolen on March 27 from Turlin Moor recreational ground, Blandford Road, Poole, between 6pm and 11pm while the team were nearby celebrating the birthday of one of their under eighteen players. 

Kept in a shed next to the car park, commercial manager and reserve team manager, Mike Fudge, 40, said the theft hadn't occurred when he arrived earlier that evening. 

He said: "We both have to drive past the container where it is stored on our way in. I had been there since 6pm and the chairman just after that and we didn't notice anything. 

"On our way out, we noticed it said 'oh, the kids are trying the handle again' and I realised the doors were open. Thinking we haven't locked them or something, I jumped out pull the doors open and the mower was gone and lock cut off."

Since the incident, the team has worked hard to create appeals and speak to any local businesses that might any CCTV or had seen the incident. 

Contacting the police, Mike said the team had used the lawn mover for the first time this year due to preparing the pitch for the new season.

He said: "My gut feeling is that the mower was probably out for the first time cutting as we were spiking the pitch on Saturday and someone has seen us with it. 

"Unfortunately, they don't have a locking mechanism and the handbrake is just a handbrake so it will roll."

Currently fundraising for a new roller to help remove water from the pitch, the team has said it will now have to refocus efforts to buy a new lawn mower due to needing to meet regulation.

During the team's season it has to mow the grass weekly to make sure the grass is a certain length.

Mike said: "It will cost us thousands. We're using it weekly through to mid October and it's a expensive piece of equipment."

Police said enquiries into the matter are ongoing and no arrests have been made.