NEARLY £4000 is being spent to add bunting to Christchurch High Street.

Christchurch BID’s plans to install bunting along the high street ahead of the new Food Fest Local event is estimated to cost £3,990.

Christchurch Town Council has agreed to allocate £1,995 to the BID to contribute to the costs.

As reported, the BID recently announced it would be running a second food themed event alongside Christchurch Food Festival on May 25 and 26.

While Christchurch Food Festival will take place at Christchurch Quay, the BID’s Food Fest Local is set to bring food offerings to the high street.

At the town council’s resource committee meeting in March, the BID proposed the council contributed financially to install the bunting ahead of the event.

The £3,990 figure given included the cost for 1000m of bunting, plus its installation, and removal by professional contractors at the end of the summer.

A spokesperson for the BID said: “Items such as street decoration, furniture and floral displays/planting play a part in beautifying and animating town spaces which is a focus of many BIDs across the country, especially with dwindling budgets at local government level who have other priorities to focus on.

"The bunting will be installed in time for Food Fest Local and remain in place throughout the whole of the summer, ensuring the town is kept looking beautiful for visitors, residents and businesses which is important to Christchurch as a destination.

"The town is renowned for looking wonderful and as a BID we work closely with Christchurch Town Council and BCP Council to maintain this as much as budgets allow.”

James Atkinson, acting town clerk at Christchurch Town Council, said: “In support of Christchurch Bid’s Food Fest Local event, the town council has provided £1995 which is being used towards covering the cost of bunting across the high street.

“The attractive bunting will help signpost and guide visitors through the town so that they can enjoy the full scope of what Christchurch has to offer and explore beyond the Quay during the weekends festivities.”