THIS year’s Bournemouth Air Festival has been subject to much discussion – mostly because it’s going to be the last of its kind. 

Will the air festival return in 2024? 

In a word, likely. BCP Council has said it will fund the air show one last time as it works to fill a £44m funding gap. 

But the authority will not fund the air festival entirely, which would usually cost between £500,000 and £600,000. 

Instead, it will provide £200,000 (the amount it makes during the show and enough to break even) and the rest of the money, around £100,000, will be raised by external organisations (businesses, sponsors etc). 

This money as of yet has not been raised, but cabinet member for finance Mike Cox has said “good progress” has been made so far and that it is “ahead of schedule” for its fundraising target. 

However, to save costs, this year’s show will be a three day event rather than for four days. 

Bournemouth Echo:

What dates will it return? 

Thursday, August 29 to Saturday, September 1. 

On Sunday, there will be no flights but a ‘fun day’ with stalls and businesses along the seafront. 

Will the Red Arrows be there? 

Sadly no. The fan favourites won’t be flying at 2024’s air show because of pre-planned overseas commitments. But there will be a host of other displays. 

See the full confirmed line-up here 

Bournemouth Echo:

Can my business be involved in the air festival? 

BCP Council is inviting sponsors, traders and exhibitors to come forward to register interest in being part of this year’s festival, which has the largest single audience of any aviation event in Europe.  

Deputy council leader Millie Earl said: "Whether you choose to sponsor display acts or the STEM Village, take a prime trading location on the cliff or beach, or have your brand featured in the widely sold official festival programme, the event is a chance to make meaningful connections and develop new relationships. 

“If you think your business could help to grow and develop the festival, and the festival could help you to grow and develop your business, we’d love to hear from you.” 

What about 2025? 

As already said, BCP Council won’t fund 2025’s air show. However, this doesn’t mean an air show won’t happen.  

BCP Council is happy for businesses, residents or any other external organisations to get together and fund their own air show. 

But the authority won’t be providing a single penny, nor will it offer any of its events team’s time to setting it up or running it.