READING the letter from Peter Burt (on letters page), he is quite right in thinking that the state of the grass verges are in a state, not just in West Howe, but everywhere that BCP refuses to upkeep.

Poole is in a disgusting state, not just with weeds and grass out of control, all around Poole.

The dog mess is another thing not addressed.

The pavement in the town and along the quay is absolutely awful.

I think mainly it must be the men who walk their dog that refuse to pick it up and bin it.

I did suggest to our councillor that maybe if they had dog patrols about at early morning and evening when it's dark (which is probably when it happens) and the wardens were to fine these owners on the spot, the money would soon flow in for the upkeep of the two important things that need to be sorted.

Mrs J Willis

Stanley Road,