A BOY aspiring to be the next Rory McIlroy has been dubbed a “natural” golfer at just five years old.

Lucius Roberts from Verwood became engrossed in the sport after watching the Masters on TV last July, at the age of four.

Rebecca Roberts, Lucius’ mother, said he really wanted to give golf a go, so she signed him up to their local club, Crane Valley in Verwood.

Bournemouth Echo: Lucius Roberts

Eight months later, Lucius continues to go to the driving range each week and loves to watch adult’s practice.

“All of his friends are wanting to play football or rugby and he's just up on the golf course constantly,” said Rebecca.

She added: “It's quite funny actually, because he's a very hyper child and anyone that meets him, he's very extra.

“But as soon as he gets onto that golf course, he almost switches off and he just concentrates completely.”

The family is now trying to find Lucius an academy where he can learn alongside children as young as him.

“I video his swings and people have said that for his age and for his size, he's got something special going on, so we're trying to capture it, but not too much,” said Rebecca.

“We don't want to kind of put too much pressure on him.”

She said Lucius is “obsessed” with the sport and wants all the gear, but the family is struggling to find anything small enough to fit him.

People have donated golf clubs to help him practice and Rebecca is hoping to kit him out for his sixth birthday in September.

Bournemouth Echo: Lucius Roberts

“We do want to kind of encourage him because obviously he loves to compete.

“He's one of those kids, he just drives to succeed.”

Darrel Ranson, Lucius’ coach and head professional Crane Valley Golf Club, said: “It is an absolute pleasure to help Lucius on his golfing journey and always look forward to seeing him in my coaching diary, he clearly loves learning and hitting balls which is fantastic to see.

“Lucius doesn’t stop smiling the whole time when he at the range having fun.

“There is no doubt he is a natural at the game and can’t wait to see how good he can get.”