LONG ago, when a GP put me on a regular prescription, I used to take their tear-off slip back to my surgery when I needed more supplies then take it to my local chemist and be replenished.

Then I found a much easier way: I posted a letter requesting such which included the tear-off slip and picked it up three days later, then took it to my local chemist.

Time and technology moved on with the aid of computers and the internet.

Now I could send an email to my surgery requesting my repeat prescription, plus have it sent digitally to my local chemist for which I could easily pick up in a few days. I could have even had it delivered but no, I needed the exercise for my health.

Alas today, after my last email request for a repeat prescription, I was informed that this service will no longer be in use. Instead I have to go to several suggested websites, apply, log-on then take such to my local surgery for them to authenticate.

You couldn't make it up!

I mean they have already made it difficult for me to vote anymore and now they are doing the exact same with my medication. I mean GP's and Receptionists work so hard so I can imagine how responding to an email request must be so laborious. Not only that but us elderly people in such need of medication must be costing the NHS a fortune so best write us off to make savings.

Myself, I don't like taking tablets anyhow, so if my GP surgery doesn't think it's that important so why should I?

I am now giving up voting and taking medication!

Christine Peters

Wellington Road