A SENIOR support worker for those with disabilities has been left shocked by the state of a public disabled toilet. 

Andrew Muir, 42, from Poole, has been left frustrated by the poor quality of Bournemouth Lower Garden's disabled toilets while visiting with a resident. 

Pulling the changing facilities down, Andrew was disappointed to see it had been used to put out cigarettes, while another staff member witnessed needles on the floor. 

Andrew said: "It's extremely disappointing and disgusting, they've built all these lovely new places along the beach which are never open, but yet they can't fork out for proper disabled, clean, sanitised toilets.

"As a carer who has worked in the industry since 2000, there is not enough disabled facilities around."

Andrew was visiting Bournemouth with one of the residents from his workplace when a toilet visit was needed. 

Despite visiting the Russell-Cotes Museum, the pair had to leave when the museum's toilet lacked a hoist which is an important piece of equipment for those who lack mobility. 

Andrew said: "They had no hoist in their disabled toilets, so obviously I had to then leave the museum early, which was sad, and then I had to go all the way to find a toilet that was skanky. 

"I mentioned this straight to the museum and straight away she said 'we'll get on it and we will try and get a manual hoist put in'.

"It needs to be addressed because I felt so unclean and felt so sorry for my resident having to be changed in that environment."

Andrew contacted BCP Council which said the toilet was cleaned three times a day. He questioned this assertion but has not received a response.

Although not a problem for the common public, Andrew believes more needs to be done in the area for those who find the facilities essential. 

He said: "Cinemas should have disabled toilets with hoists, restaurants should, every single place should. It shouldn't just be for people who have mobility and normal toilets."

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “The toilets in the Lower Garden are currently being inspected and cleaned three times a day.

“These toilets are in a busy part of town and have unfortunately been subject to recent acts of damage. We continue to work with our partner organisations and anti-social behaviour teams to tackle this behaviour.”