A LABOUR government will prioritise climate action and Rachel Reeves, criticised by campaigners for dropping the £28bn Green Plans, says she will reverse the current chancellor's downgrading of the issue.

The Bank of England's governor Andrew Bailey, like his predecessor Mark Carney, warns of the risks of climate change to the financial sector. Fossil fuel investments are likely to become "stranded" assets that are difficult or impossible to sell.

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) warns of accelerated warming as records are broken, the oceans overheat and coral reefs die. It's important to avoid tipping points which will trigger irreversible harm.

Tim Crosland of Plan B has attacked the legal profession for failing to allow climate motivations in defence cases and believes that British Law is being instrumentalised on behalf of the fossil fuel industry.

Young people are also demanding speedy action and the Teach the Future campaign is calling for climate education and is grading parliamentary candidates on their response to the crises.

Susan Chapman

Parkwood Road,