ON January 2nd this year, my daughter unexpectedly gave birth to her baby after just 27 weeks of pregnancy.

The baby was rushed straight into the nursery at the Neonatal Unit at Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton.

Right from the start, the care that this baby received was second to none. 24/7, this baby was cherished and taken care of to meet his every need.

At the same time, the nursing staff were loving and kind.

While all this was going on, where were my daughter and son in law to live, in order to be close to their new baby? They were offered accommodation in the Ronald MacDonald House, next to the Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton.

This Charity House is amazing too. They were able to live there for two and a half months, until the baby had grown strong enough to

go home, which he has just done.

These two places are amazing.

We knew nothing about them until January 2nd.

We honestly can’t thank the hospital and the Charity House enough. Thank you Princess Anne and thank you Ronald MacDonald.

You are truly wonderful!

Lesley Perkins

Pear Tree Close,