TWO internationally renowned vets are set to open a new specialist practice that will bring ‘clinical excellence’ to pet owners.

Doctors Harry Scott, 69, and Phil Witte, 44, have taken over the former Poole Road Veterinary Surgery, after previous owners Henry and Geraldine Fielden retired.

Now, the surgeons have big plans for the building to create an independent centre that will make surgeries for our four-legged friends more accessible and affordable than ever.

The new Wessex Veterinary Orthopaedics, which is set to open in June, will offer an orthopaedic and spinal surgery referral service for dogs and cats across the south.

Bournemouth Echo: The pair previously worked together in Ringwood.

The centre will include a CT scanner and X-ray facility, along with separate dog and cat kennels for animals to recuperate following surgery.

Other tech that will be put to use in the centre includes 3D printing copies of bones from CT scans of pets the pair will operate on, to help shape parts for surgeries.

Phil and Harry met when Phil was a student, and Harry was a surgeon in Birmingham.

Later, the pair began to work together as Phil started his orthopaedic surgery internship for his diploma, the highest qualification available, in Ringwood, where Harry was working.

Bournemouth Echo: The centre will make use of a range of high tech methods to provide cutting edge surgeries.

Phil described Harry as a ‘terrific mentor’, and he completed the qualification and moved to Cornwall.

Harry retired, but, last Christmas, he called Phil about setting up together as he had just returned to the area to do some agency work.

“He just rang up and said we should just have a look around and see if there are any buildings available and see what we can set up,” Phil said.

“Although at the time, I hadn't even moved to this new job, but I knew that I was keen to work with Harry again.

“We were putting our feelers out, and an agent said, this practice looks like it's going to come on the market. So, we just rang Henry [Fielden] because we know him from when we were here.

“We said we'd be interested in taking on, and he was very keen for the building to have a new lease of life and a bit of a change of direction.”

Bournemouth Echo: Dr Harry Scott was retired but called Phil to investigate setting up a business together.

Building work is well underway transforming the building, and Phil said it would add a much-needed specialist centre of excellence for vets to call on from across the area.

He said he was ‘fired up’ to get the centre open, adding: “The ethos here is excellent clinical standards, reasonable pricing.”