Police are investigation an attempting break in by two teenagers into a snack bar in Baiter Park. 

Dorset Police have said they are investigating an attempted break-in to a snack bar in Baiter Park that happened at 10pm on March 21. 

Two youths, one male and one female attempted to get into the wooden hut but were disturbed by the owner who requested Police to intervene. 

Owner Nigel Milham said: "The damage done was, despite their efforts, minimal on this occasion. I have had huge support on FB which is encouraging and a message from someone at the RNLI college in Poole who suspects the same pair were escorted off their premises at 5pm that day

"If this was an isolated incident I wouldn't have to much concern but it's the second occurrence in three weeks and combined has cost almost £2500 for repairs." 

Nigel called the Police when he noticed the incident who attended the scene and narrowly missed the pair. 

They left without gaining entry and Police have asked for anyone with information to come forward.