I AM appalled and disgusted at the underhand and deliberate way the Seaview Dental Practice have culled their NHS patients.

My brother in law (age 57) has been a patient at this practice all his life.

He has a mild learning disability and receives benefits as he is unable to work.

He received an email from the Seaview Practice advising him of their intention to reduce the number of NHS patients and should he wish to remain a NHS patient he should put this in writing.

We helped him compose a letter which he took in person to the practice the next morning. The receptionist refused to take the letter as all the NHS places had been filled. My brother in law explained his situation to the receptionist and that he had been a lifelong patient but this made no difference. He was offered help in completing the private dental plan that they recommended.

I attempted to phone the practice but their voicemail box was full.

What hope has my brother in law got in securing another NHS dental dentist? None!

How many others have been put in the same position?

My brother in law has been given no option but to sign up to be a private patient if he wants to continue to receive dental treatment.

Diane Baker

Oak Gardens,