AN OWNER is devastated after her kitten was fatally shot with an air weapon.

Aura, a 10-month-old kitten, was shot in the abdomen by the gun in Lytchett Matravers in February.

Bournemouth Echo:

RSPCA officer Jo Blackburn, who is investigating for the animal welfare charity said: “I can only imagine how devastated Aura's owners must be feeling right now. 

“It’s heartbreaking to lose a much-loved family pet, but under these horrifically cruel circumstances so much worse.”

“We believe she was shot on February 27 or thereabouts and managed to get herself home before collapsing.

“Her owner rushed her to the vets,  where tragically the vet had no choice but to put her to sleep after going into shock, as a result of horrendous internal injuries sustained by the shooting.

A pellet was removed having passed through abdominal internal organs."

Bournemouth Echo:

“We’re also aware of a second cat being shot and sustaining very serious injuries.

“We’re currently supporting the owner.

“It worries me that other pets in the area could be at risk as well as wildlife.”

Anyone caught deliberately using an air gun to injure an animal can face up to five years in prison and/or an unlimited fine if found guilty under the Animal Welfare Act.