A FAMILY farm park attraction has opened up a competition name its newest arrival. 

Farmer Palmer's Farm Park in Organford has opened a competition to name a male calf.

Born on March 16, the calf's mum, Minty, has lived on the farm since 2017 and inspired several mint themed suggestions. 

Jessica Hall, marketing and social media manager at Farmer Palmer's Farm Park, said: "Because a cow is part of our branding as it used to be a dairy farm and it was transformed into a children's play park I thought it was quite a nice idea to get people to name the calf and have their input. 

"We've had a lot of suggestions both through our Instagram and Facebook.  A lot of random ones but a lot of mint related ones like Humbug and Polo."

The winning name will be announced on March 29. 

Turned into a children's play park 26 years ago, the farm was originally a dairy farm and therefore the cow has become integral in the park's image. 

Jess said: "We'll put the top 10 forward to the team on site who will put their votes in and we'll put it in a hat and get Farmer Palmer to pick it out of a hat.

"When we've done it before, we've had a big uptake but overnight, seeing we had 200 odd comments is just mental."

Along with the cow, the farm has welcomed several new members, including goats and lambs. 

Preparing itself for Easter, the farm has said the calf will be available for the public to meet for the Easter holidays.

Jess said: "We're doing alpaca racing and we usually do our cow milk in demos. We also have our Easter egg hunt which is free people just need to pay admission to get into the park."

For more information and details on the park's Easter activities, visit the farm's website.