THE landlords of two Poole Quay pubs have helped save and fundraise bike nights given only six weeks notice. 

Landlords of Lord Nelson and Poole Arms, Anna Doyle, 54, and Michelle Smith, 44, have helped save Poole Quay's bike nights after BCP Council slashed the amount of events held on the quay.

The event sees bikers fill out the quay to show off their machines and meet fellow motoring enthusiasts.

Both Anna and Michelle claimed they were given six weeks notice of the reduction of events but have still managed to raise enough to schedule the first event to be held on April 16.

Michelle said: "We either do something or these events aren't going to happen, or they're going to be taken over by people that potentially are going to put food and drink stalls out the front, which is going to take away from actual businesses. 

Anna continued: "It's been going on since I've been here which is 20 years. The other side of this is once it's taken in house it will reside in house, so we won't find ourselves in the position again."

BCP Council confirmed it will fund four weeks of fireworks, the bonfire night display, the Christmas Maritime Light Trail, and New Years Bath Race and Classic Cars. 

Michelle and Anna are hoping to gain sponsorship to help keep fund events happening, already securing investment from Jeff Thompson, owner of the Crown Inn. 

Anna said: "[Jeff's] business is not actually on the Quay but because it's a community, he's obviously disappointed that the council have stepped away from it.

"it's 26 weeks of advertising that brings tourists and gives them a reason to be here. Our season starts and ends with bike night. There'll be a hit this year but next year will be disastrous."

Anna and Michelle have secured five weeks of bike nights starting in April despite the council pushing its start date to May. 

Both are keen to make the event have a charitable interest again and to also run a bike of the week competition with an overall bike of the year at the end of the season.