BUSINESS owners have been shocked by the closure of Poole Quay Hotel and said it will affect business. 

As reported by the Echo, Poole Quay Hotel announced earlier this month that it has closed with immediate effect and there are concerns that the move will affect businesses, especially with Easter approaching. 

Pubs claimed to have had customers in their buildings with nowhere to go due to lack of advance warning of the closure.

Landlady of Poole Arms, Michelle Smith, 44, said: "They would have been fully booked over the next couple of weeks for Easter weekend.

"I personally know people that are booked in there over the next few weeks and straight away when I saw it, I emailed them and said 'I know you're booked in next weekend, I've seen this."

Michelle said the phone number now cuts off dead, making it hard to get in contact with the hotel itself. 

However, Michelle noted that The Crown Inn has helped arrange accommodation for those left in the cold. 

Anna Doyle, landlady of Lord Nelson pub, 54, said: "We had customers in last night that were staying there. Literally, they'd been out during the morning, went back in the afternoon and got told to collect their belongings and had to leave. 

"Luckily they got into Harbour Heights but that's still quite a way out compared but think about all the people staying there, all in the same situation."

Already made unhappy by decision to reduce the amount of events on Poole Quay, businesses believe the hotel's closure is another nail in the coffin for turning the area residential.

Sam Ogden, owner of The Other Guy's Kitchen kiosk, claimed "everyone knew it was coming", a sentiment agreed by Leigh Whittall, owner of fish and chips kiosk seven.

Leigh said: "If a hotel, a big chain are going, what chance have little businesses got if these big businesses can't make money? 

"We've just ruined it for me by making it residential. When you go on holiday, the last thing you want to look at is what you live in. You go on holiday to get away from that."