DR RODGER writes that “a 20 mph limit gives the best fuel efficiencies” – without quoting his source. Nor any sources for his other figures.

Even if they are correct, I have not seen fuel efficiency as one reason for widespread 20 mph limits. And whatever the efficiency of an engine, by reducing the vehicle’s speed proportionately increases the time to cover a given distance.

Does the difference between those speeds equally reduce exhaust emissions so that they are lower overall? It takes 50 per cent more time to travel a distance at 20 mph than at 30 mph.

Are emissions reduced by 50 per cent at 20 mph? Two of the biggest causes of fuel inefficiency are heavy acceleration and heavy braking. They can happen at any maximum speed.

Even Transport Secretary Mark Harper has said it “can’t be right” that 20 mph zones are “imposed without proper local consent”.

While Cllr Earl told a full council meeting: “Will BCP Council implement a 20 mph default speed limit? Yes, that is our intention”.

If the Echo’s survey showed over 80 per cent of respondents to be against it, and no obvious consultation on the matter, where are Cllr Earl’s liberal and democratic credentials that her party professes to promote?

Instead we have an authoritarian councillor ignoring the views of many of the council-tax payers who finance the BCP Council’s expenditure.

Is there any point in expressing opinions contrary to decisions already made by some of the councillors?

Eric Hayman

Bradpole Road,