CCTV footage shows the moment an elderly woman accidentally reversed into an expensive art gallery in Ringwood.

Westover Gallery was forced to temporarily close its doors after a woman smashed into the shop front. 

Firefighters were able to extract the woman safely from the car where she was treated by the ambulance service. 

The crash cost the gallery thousands of pounds and damaged high-priced art sculptures. 

Multiple people are seen running down the street to help the woman after the crash.

Calvin Smith, director of the gallery, said:  “A little old lady was parking her car down the road, and she wasn't parked close enough to the curb, so she reversed it back, but she kept reversing at speed, she bounced off the curb into our shop.

“She reversed half the length of the high street and then reversed straight in here, which is quite impressive.”

The single vehicle crash involving a Toyota Yaris happened at around 9.20am on February 29.

Police and the ambulance service attended.