DAVID Walliams' Awful Auntie will come to Poole after being made into a new production. 

Bestselling children's author and comedian, David Walliams, has teamed up with Birmingham Stage Company for the new production. 

His fourth book to be translated into a play, the UK tour will visit Poole Lighthouse March 21 to 24.

David Walliams said: "Seeing it all again I’ve realised what an amazing part Aunt Alberta is.  It’s a female part played by a man so one day I would like to play Aunt Alberta, but I can’t commit to a production for practical reasons like being a dad and having to do other things but one day I’d like to.

"A book by David Walliams starring David Walliams… oh god!  There is something special about sitting in an audience and getting to experience your story while hearing the laughter, the gasps, the applause, and all those things that would not be the same if you were on stage."

Directed and adapted by Neal Foster, he will also appear in the title role of the Awful Auntie.

Tickets are available from Lighthouse website and Birmingham Stage Production's website.