A RINGWOOD man is furious after being issued a parking ticket whilst emergency services pulled a smashed car out of his gallery.

Calvin Smith is the owner of Westover Gallery, a store in High Street, Ringwood, that was recently destroyed after a woman accidentally reversed into the shop window.

Thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused and has forced the shop to close for a few months whilst repairs take place.

Bournemouth Echo:

Calvin later received a letter in the post about a parking ticket issued in High Street on the day of the incident.

Speaking on the ticket, he said: "I couldn't do anything about it because the road was then blocked, so I couldn't turn around and go anywhere.

"We had the traffic warden telling her to revoke the fine because it should never have happened and she just basically said no.

"It’s not about the money, it’s the fact that it was my gallery that was smashed and now this, it is absolutely disgraceful.

“I was parked roughly 20ft away from as close as I could get to the scene of the accident but the road was closed and blocked by emergency vehicles.”

In the parking notice letter written to Calvin, it read: “You have stated that a major incident took place in High Street as a vehicle had driven through your shopfront window and you spoke with the CEO who apologised for issuing this PCN and advised you to challenge and have the PCN revoked.

"Whilst we appreciate the incident which took place on the day of the contravention, this does not justify cancellation of this PCN.

"We would expect the driver to ensure their vehicle is parked in compliance with parking regulations.

“Having reviewed all the evidence available, I can confirm the PCN was issued correctly therefore I can find no grounds for the cancellation of the PCN.”

Multiple other vehicles were reportedly issued PCNs whilst being blocked in by emergency service vehicles during the incident.

Calvin is now forced to pay £35 for the ticket.

When asked about PCNs on the day of the incident, a Hampshire County Council spokesperson said: “No PCNs were issued in the area that was closed off but, in this case, it is understood that the vehicle was parked outside of that area, in a loading bay.

"Any individual who believes they have been incorrectly charged with a penalty charge notice should follow the instructions on the reverse of the notice to make an appeal.

"Please note that an appeal must be lodged within 14 days of the notice being issued."