FOOTAGE shows the shocking moment a Jaguar mounted a Porsche Boxster before rear-ending a Tesla. 

The driver Andrew Key, 60, said he was parked up at the drop-off zone at Bournemouth train station when his E-Pace Jag ‘became faulty’. 

His £47,000 semi-retirement gift ‘unexpectedly’ reversed at speed into the parked convertible sports car, launching all four wheels off the tarmac. 

However, despite him saying he hit the brakes, the Jag then ploughed forward, smashing into a parked Tesla Model Y which then rear-ended a parked Mercedes C-Class.

Bournemouth Echo: The car crashed on top of a parked Porsche BoxsterThe car crashed on top of a parked Porsche Boxster (Image: Andrew Key)

Bournemouth Echo: The Jaguar then drove forward and smashed into a parked TeslaThe Jaguar then drove forward and smashed into a parked Tesla (Image: Andrew Key)

But Andrew is now in dispute with Jaguar, which claims it has done checks on the vehicle and there had "not been a brake failure, nor had there been an issue with the vehicle".

Andrew, who only had his Jag for about a year and a half, said: “The engine was off and I was in park. I was just about to get out the car to put my hat on and suddenly I thought ‘I'm moving, I'm moving’. 

“I realised I was moving backwards and I didn't know why... my feet were nowhere near the pedals. And I hit the brake pedal once I realised I was moving backwards. But there was nothing.

“Because it’s an automatic it’s controlled by software and apps and stuff and it impacted a Porsche Boxster parked behind it.  

“Not only did it impact it, but my car mounted that Porsche Boxster. Four wheels of my car left the road. Thankfully nobody was in the car behind.  

“My car then shot forward and I didn’t have a seatbelt on as I was about to get out and it hit a parked Tesla which then shunted a Mercedes.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Jaguar crash at Bournemouth train station

Bournemouth Echo: Jaguar crash at Bournemouth train station

Bournemouth Echo: Jaguar crash at Bournemouth train station

Police were then called to the crash, who confirmed nobody was injured in the crash and began their investigation. 

Andrew added: “I went through my insurers because the police were involved and I complained to Jaguar Hendy, but they just ended up just not responding to my emails. 

“So in the end I went to Jaguar’s head office in Coventry and made a complaint to them. They said they will go and see the car’s telematics, the black box and send a report. 

“Eventually, they said it was my fault and that I hit the accelerator. I didn’t. I’m a civilian advanced driver and I’ve had a really excellent safety record and I haven’t done anything like this before. 

“I even went to hospital later on just to be sure I've not had a brain episode or a stroke, but I’m fine.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Damage to the rear of the JaguarDamage to the rear of the Jaguar (Image: Andrew Key)

Andrew said this was not the first time there had been a ‘fault’ with the electronics on his Jag, saying the collision avoidance system “suddenly slammed on and took over, bringing the vehicle to a complete dead stop in the middle of the road”. 

At the time, there were no pedestrians or obstructions in the road, he said. 

Jaguar disputes Mr Key's allegations the car was faulty. A spokesman for the British manufacturer said: “Following an investigation into this, it was found there had been no brake failure, nor any other issue with the vehicle.”

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “At 5.28pm on Wednesday 18 October 2023, Dorset Police received a report of a four-vehicle road traffic collision at Bournemouth railway station.  

“Officers attended the scene.  

“No injuries were reported and following enquiries by officers, no arrests were made. A 60-year-old man from Bournemouth received a fixed penalty notice for a driving offence.”