THREE years ago when the currant Dorset PCC was elected , he made us aware that one of his top priorities was , and I assume still is “road safety”.

At that time I was becoming increasingly concerned at what appeared to be an increasing number of dangerously ridden, privately owned, illegal electric scooters.

I wrote to the PCC expressing my concern not only at the increasing number of e scooters , but also at what I saw as the complete indifference shown to this problem by local police officers.

At that time and after three requests , I was eventually assured that officers had been out and about across Bournemouth talking to riders of privately owned e scooters, informing them of where they can , and more importantly where they can’t be ridden .

They have been taking down details of individuals and warning them to stop immediately or face having the scooter seized and prosecution.

I was also informed that I would be contacted directly by Dorset Police with more information as to their policies , that contact has never taken place . Three years later as I go about my daily business in an around Bournemouth I see little evidence of police being out and about, let alone enforcing any e scooter policy .

Rod (Bert) Bush

Cerne Close