A FINE dining restaurant owner says the hospitality industry is on its knees but that he will 'fight until it's not worth fighting anymore'.

Jan Bretschneider, co-owner and head chef of the award-winning Restaurant Roots, took to social media to say they will have to make some changes to 'keep the business running and maintain quality.'

Jan said: "We are a leisure industry, and if people don't have money to spend on leisure, then the industry simply won't be there anymore.

"We wanted the spring budget to bring a bit of positivity and somehow put some real money into people's pockets so they would feel comfortable starting to spend again.

"It could have been something that really energises the country and creates some real change.

"But sadly, this was not the case."

Restaurant Roots was opened in Southbourne by husband-and-wife team Jan and Stacey Bretschneider in 2015.

The European restaurant is recognised among the nation's finest. It has been awarded three AA Rosettes and was named in the 2023 Good Food Guide.

It is a destination restaurant that offers intimate tasting menus that are 'flavour-focused.'

Due to rising costs, Jan said they would have to 'slimline' their menu to offer fewer choices and run two set menus.

Jan said: "As small business owners, we first looked at ourselves: Can we work longer, can we work harder, and can we pay ourselves less?

"Sadly, working seven days a week, 100 hours, paying ourselves absolutely nothing means the answer is no."

Therefore, starting in April 2024, Restaurant Roots will offer fewer choices, creating a peak and off-peak season.

They plan to run with their 'discovery menu' and a lunch menu.

Jan said: "For nine years, we have been open, and for nine years, we have offered something that works for us and works for the people and our employees.

"We are the first restaurant in BCP to have three rosettes and be named one of the top 100 best UK restaurants.

"Whatever happens, we have made food history and have achieved something we can be proud of."

He added: "We will change. I hope for the better and to see you soon."