A new Mexican food kiosk has opened on Poole Quay run by the former chef and manager of Wimborne's Dancing Moose. 

Chefs Sam Ogden, 34, and Molly Horwood, 29, have opened a new Mexican food business 'The Other Guy's Kitchen' in the kiosks at Poole Quay, moving away from the pub culture of the Dancing Moose. 

The couple had decided to open their own business before the sudden closure of the Dancing Moose but due to the sudden nature of its closure, have opened doors sooner than expected. 

Molly said: "Dancing Moose was late night hospitality and that's something I'm not into anymore. I can't be bothered to be around people that have had a drink. 

"Leaving Dancing Moose was light at the end of the tunnel."

Offering a variety of tacos and burgers, the opening weekend saw an immediate success for the business which they expect will only become more popular as summer closes in.

Cooked from scratch, as a chef, Sam has been keen to reinvent his menus and believes TOGK is the next step for him. 

He said: "We actually wanted our open weekend to be Easter weekend so we're here earlier than expected. 

"We're happy about and we've just had the first official weekend. With the kiosk, its a bit different to the Dancing Moose, we don't want to be around booze and late night venues.

"Tacos is peasant food, that's where it comes from so you can do really good, tasty food at an affordable price." 

While Poole has many eateries, Molly and Sam are keen to increase the independent nature of the Quay and hope to use social media to spread the word. 

Having a six month lease due to upcoming plans for a new hotel, they to be able to stay in the area beyond this.

"Poole needs new eateries, new up and coming places to keep the place young at heart. We've had so much feedback from people" added Molly.

Sam continued: "That's where it's a shame that the other kiosks are closed because this could be a really good little street food corner that would attract a lot of people."