WHILE I am not actually a great fan of the monarchy and the House of Lords and think that both are past their sell by date and should be abolished I did feel sorry for the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton when she published a mother’s day photo of her with her children which had been altered slightly.

The way the media were going crazy you would have thought it was a serious criminal offence and that the police would have to be involved. Personally, I thought it was a great photo and I am sure that it made a lot of people very happy.

Another member of royalty that was involved with publicity recently was Prince Harry or the Duke of Sussex if that is how you want to call him.

While I know he is a bit of a Marmite figure, whereby, he is loved by some and hated by others I do believe he is right when he says that when he is in the United Kingdom, we, the taxpayers should be paying for 24hour bodyguards even more so when he claimed that he killed members of the Taliban in Afghanistan which he would have been wise to have remained silent on the subject.

So come on His Majesties Government get your wallet out and do what you should have been doing all along even if he is rich, though, it would be nice if he voluntary paid for some of it as a gesture of goodwill.

Colin Grimley

R L Stevenson Avenue,