The CEO of popular high street chain has said the increase in parking charges by BCP is 'more than just 10p' and has called for it to be reversed. 

Tony Brown, CEO of Beales, has stated he wants a complete reversal of BCP's plans to increase parking charges by 5% across the region and stated it is not just 10p. 

He claimed the new prices will take away from the people and will cost him and his staff an extra £254 a year. 

He said: "It's [a] self congratulational thing that we're going to raise another £2.5 million from this but they're not raising it, they're taking it away from people.

"Whether you're a visitor, shopper, or more importantly work in one of the towns, you're going to be paying an extra £254 in parking charges a year."

BCP Council raised the price of parking within the Dolphin Centre, Poole on January 30. 

Mr Brown says there has since been a reduction in footfall. 

He told the Echo: "We've seen a reduction in footfall. It will take time to bleed through."

Tony also owns the chain Bodycare and had considered opening a store in Bournemouth

However, due to a range of factors including the price of parking, he said he is not seriously looking to invest in the Bournemouth area.

He said: "It increases the risk because it damages footfall in a town centre. We're not talking to anybody seriously about opening a store in Bournemouth. 

"We're talking to people about Poole because it seems more vibrant than Bournemouth town centre but Bournemouth has more issues than just parking."

Cllr Mike Cox, Portfolio Holder for Finance, BCP Council, has said the charges have been implemented as the council is facing an unprecedented challenge.

He said: “These changes will generate an additional £1million revenue per year, which will help the council deliver frontline services to residents in our community who need our help most.  

“We have been open about the difficult decisions which needed to be made and have taken a responsible approach, rather than deferring tough choices to future years.”