THE GRAND reopening of an old Dorset town hall has 'marked a historic moment' for the community.

After months of meticulous restoration work, Christchurch Town Council said it is 'thrilled' to announce the grand reopening of the iconic Old Town Hall, deemed a 'cherished landmark' in the High Street.

This extensive renovation project took six months to complete and was just under budget of £233,000.

Town clerk James Atkinson said: "The remedial work and restoration of the Old Town Hall were a huge undertaking that I am proud to have achieved under the town council.

"To date, this is the largest project the town council has worked on since its inception in 2019 following the merger of BCP.

"The last full-scale renovation of the Old Town Hall took place in the 1980s, and the town council is excited to secure the building's quality for future use."

Elcock Associates and Greendale Construction Limited were the developers for the renovation, which started in September 2023.

During the remedial work, a historic sign was unveiled and restored to its former glory. 

Bournemouth Echo: Historic sign unveiled during the renovation

The project, commissioned by Christchurch Town Council, addressed critical issues concerning the deteriorating roof and stonework of the Old Town Hall, a Grade II-listed building.

The restoration project encompassed a myriad of tasks, including external stonework and building repairs, roofing work, and lead restoration on the top elevation.

Internally, the Town Hall underwent a comprehensive refurbishment, featuring new bathrooms, kitchen facilities, carpets, and decoration.

Rob Hooker, director of Greendale Construction, said: "Greendale is delighted to have been part of bringing the hall back to its former glory, where it will now be used as a vibrant hub for the community for many years to come."

Christchurch Mayor Cllr Vivienne Charrett said: "Christchurch Town Hall is an amazing thing for the town, and you wouldn't want it to fall into disrepair.

"We think it looks lovely, and we want the public to use it as much as possible and enjoy it."

Looking ahead, the revitalised Old Town Hall will serve as a vibrant hub for the community, hosting civic events, charity functions and cultural gatherings.

Christchurch Town Council 'envisions a future where the Old Town Hall fosters civic engagement and strengthens community ties.'