A DOG from Bournemouth took home a prestigious award with the help of her best friend at Crufts.

Bramble, a 13-year-old border terrier, won the Best Veteran In Breed title at this year's competition. 

Owner and avid dog lover, Jodie Forbes lives with three other dogs, Hazel, Tulip and Willow in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth Echo: Jodie Forbes with Bramble at Crufts.

Jodie was overjoyed at the win, she added: “It was so unexpected.

"This was Bramble’s 12th year competing at Crufts.

“She mainly does agility and dog dancing and this was her first breed show in years.

“Bramble did so well I’m so proud of her.”

Speaking on her experience with Crufts over the years, Jodie added: “I first started competing in Crufts when I was twelve years old.

"Ever since I was a little kid, my dream was to compete at Crufts.

“Bramble hadn't done a breed show for about twelve years, so we were really rusty and I didn't think we'd get anything.

“But I thought, I'm just going to enter her because she loves the show so much and because she's getting on, I thought it'd be a nice opportunity because it might be one of her last Crufts.

“It'll be nice for her just to get back in the ring because she's such a show-off and she loves people clapping for her and she had a great time.

“Crufts is something every dog owner or dog lover should go to at some point.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Bramble is no stranger to winning awards at Crufts.

Jodie added: “She has won agility competitions, dog dancing competitions, and several years ago, we won an inspiring young person award."

Speaking on her plans for the future, Jodie said: “I'm hoping to get Willow, my other dog, into competitions.

“She's the most talented agility dog I've ever had, and she is incredibly fast.

“So, my goal would be to get her up in the championship classes next year for agility and maybe the dog dancing as well, because she's got a real attitude for that.

“Hopefully, if Bramble's still up for it, we'll do some stuff with her next year as well.”