AMERICANS are stuck with two elderly contenders for president with an age gap of three years between them.

Joe Biden is mocked for being elderly and all the things associated with growing old. But Trumps mental gaffes can't be ignored either. The reality of both contenders is the increased frequency of cognitive red flags, since either one will win the presidency in 2024.

We have all got use to Trump making outrageous and incendiary remarks or lying to help himself politically.

It's time to realise some of Trumps own gaffes can no longer be ignored before it's too late. In a speech on September 16 Trump made a series of errors far worse than Biden. He confused Barrack Obama with President Joe Biden first saying he was "leading by a lot" against Obama when Obama is not running for president in 2024.

Trump also told an audience "There's a man called Viktor Orban, he's the leader of Turkey". Trump also claimed that Orban's nation shared a border with Russia. In fact, neither Hungary or Turkey do. The list of Trumps gaffes far exceed Biden's.

Mike Fry

Moorland Crescent,