BOURNEMOUTH Daily Echo appears to like giving lots and lots of space on their letters page for people who don’t want a 20mph limit in the town as if this is the majority opinion.

I doubt that is the case as in the Echo on Feb 28 there is an article stating that 50 communities in Dorset are requesting a 20 mph speed limit in their areas. Hardly an unpopular or un democratic idea then!

Statistics also show that the difference in journey time when speed is reduced is just 0.4 per cent. A minuscule difference.

However the difference in death or serious injury from being hit by a 30 mph vehicle is 20 per cent compared with just 2 per cent at 20 mph and at some point even the most obsessive motorist will also be a pedestrian.

It is not a them and us argument as one might believe.

There are therefore no sensible excuses left for those drivers who are indignant at having to drive a bit slower on small stretches of road to lessen the risk of death or injury of pedestrians.

Sally Wilton

Surrey Road,