A BUS firm has helped return a dog to its owner after it wandered onto one of its vehicles mid-route. 

Morebus took care of the beloved pet that boarded the bus with no human companion or ticket on March 6.

The dog boarded the number 25 bus from Poole to Tollerford Road before the driver was alerted by a passenger of its presence. 

Richard Wade, Morebus general manager said: "The driver was dealing with other passengers at the time, assumed the dog was with its human, and continued on to the next stop. He was then alerted by someone on-board.

“Thankfully the dog had found a friend in a young passenger, who kept him close whilst the driver continued the service to its termination point."

Once the driver arrived at the final stop on the route, he contacted Morebus control team before he drove him back to the company's depot. 

He eventually returned to his owners which was said to be due to the help of social media. 

Richard said: "The powers of social media made the dog famous very quickly, when a video of his special journey was posted by someone on-board. Thanks to this, the dog’s owner made contact with our team and all’s well that ends well. 

“Our canine friend was reunited with his owners after his adventure with Morebus, and he seemed very happy with himself."

Morebus welcomes dogs onboard their buses but does ask owners to be aware of them and also to accompany them. 

The passenger who looked after the dog who wished to remain unnamed said: "The bus stopped in Oakdale to let people on and the dog was running loose on the other side of the road, then suddenly ran onto the bus as it pulled away."

"As it started going again the dog was running up and down the bus so he obviously jumped on at the same time, after that he just sat next to me the whole time until I got off."

Morebus allows dogs on its services but asks they are accompanied and well-behaved.