THE subject of 20mph speed limits, the flaky evidence and the predetermined consultation outcomes – comments like “I never voted for this”, "BCP are simply anti car”, "just another step towards 15 Minute Cities”, “Fill the potholes first”, and numerous other angles will be covered by many, so I’m going to inject a different take on the whole issue.

If the council, and politicians generally, really want to save us and our children from death and debilitating illness, then they should initiate “Plant Based Food Zones” and initiatives in and around schools and other the areas where our children congregate.

Fast and processed foods are clearly linked to obesity, cancer and circulatory issues that shorten the lives of not tens, not thousands but millions.

Unlike 20mph and ULEZ, the science is not in dispute on this one.

“Off the Soapbox now” - Whatever the evidence and whatever we say, Millie Earl and friends know these zones are coming.

Thankfully for financial reasons it looks like the rollout will be contained to areas where 20 MPH might actually be appropriate – outside schools etc.

If, however, this turns out to be the thin end of a wedge that sees 20mph go ‘conurbation wide’, as I suspect the Purple Party have already decided it will, then I will personally lose the last fragment of any faith I have in BCP to be honest with us.

Footnote - I have just reread my own letter for the tenth time – isn’t it a shame that I like so many others have such a poor opinion of our council – it shouldn’t be this way!

Peter Lowther

Chaddesley Glen,