THE public will, for six weeks, be able to comment on BCP's Draft Local Plan after 19th March. Southbourne Forum's March 8th well-attended public meeting discussed some of the details and all were urged by councillors to comment. It was stressed it's important not to let critical issues remain undiscussed.

It was pointed out at the meeting that, with the unexpected acceleration of ice melt beyond previous predictions, that the now- anticipated Blue Arctic event of 2035 will mean earth's Arctic heat shield will be compromised, something not yet catered for in the plans.

With farmers facing uphill battles on many fronts, with global water supplies maxed- out and with climate migration taking its toll it's a good idea in this election year for us to check that our representatives and their websites are up-to-date, prioritising protective policies.

Following Joe Biden's State of the Union address young people across the pond also need reassurance about their safe future and are carefully scrutinising political promises.

Interesting times!

Susan Chapman (Mrs)

Parkwood Road,