I WOULD like to add my voice to the debate with regard to lowering the speed limit to 20mph.

In a poll conducted by the Echo there was a vote of 80 per cent against.

Why hasn't this been recognised by the council? This is beginning to look like a scheme to fill the council's coffers with money to go towards reducing their disgraceful shortfall of 40 million pounds by fines from motorists exceeding this incredibly limit, as they surely will.

The town is already badly congested coming fourth in the country behind places like London, Birmingham etc. and with the ongoing number of roadworks being done it wouldn't be worth travelling.

I would ask this Lib Dem council to put away their minority ideaology and start using the rate payers monies to do something for the town, like, cleaning the streets and filling potholes which are everywhere.

Tony Boardman

Doveshill Park